We had so many great entries to our first contest that we want to find ways to reward more of the writers. So, we've selected our finalists and winners below, but our producers are working their way through scripts that didn't make one of the top prizes, and over the coming months they will be in touch directly with more of the writer's who received notification of their progress, to discuss their script or future projects. There! Isn't that what it's all about? On top of that, all notified writers who request it, will be sent an OFFICIAL SELECTION  laurel, that might go some way to raising their profile.

Well done everyone. So, for brevity, here is a list of the key award winners for the 2016 contest. Thank you once again, and we hope that you will take time to enter future festivals and contests.

Patience is a virtue 

Chris Palmer Feature Winner


Iain Chambers

Short Winner

A Land Called fabulous

Kristine Tauch

Feature Runner-up

The Son, The Father

Lukas Hassel

Short Runner-up

Blue Monday

Ian Wilson

Feature semi-finalist

Rosa and the Black Tulip

Gena Ellis

Feature semi-finalist


Joy Lin

Short semi-finalist

In 25 words or less

Christina Katsiadakis

Short semi-finalist

Pieces of Hope

Joy Lin

Feature Quarter-finalist

Shakespeare and Co

Lisa Reznik

Feature Quarter-finalist

Rainbow Unicorn Heart Power

Vicki Peterson

Feature Quarter-finalist

Racing the Sunrise

Amy Russo

Short Quarter-finalist

The Blue Dress

Dave Riese

Short Quarter-finalist

Swipe Left

Caroline NcQuade

Short Quarter-finalist